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1. Search and Select

Start now to make your trip more comfortable! If you want to use laundry and locker services, you can search online now. Of course, you can narrow down the conditions by area and time zone. In addition, user reviews should be helpful when you look for laundry or lockers. Find the place that suits you.

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2. Apply

Apply as soon as your favorite place is found. If you are approved by the owner, you can use the service. Please wait for a reply from the owner. If you have a question for the owne, you can send a message from the message box. If you want to cancel Apply, you can cancel from My Page.If you want to check your reservation anywhere, we recommend the mobile app!

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3. Use and review

Let's use the service. Please be careful not to mistake the reservation date. If the reservation is delayed, please contact the owner in advance. Also, don't forget the post-use review. It should be useful information for other users. You can register a review from My Page.

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